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38 Recommended Small Businesses Now. What are The Merits and Points of Starting A Business?

If you are thinking of starting a small business, first check the advantages, disadvantages, and points of starting a business.

In addition, there are various types of small businesses.

For those who don’t know what kind of business to choose, we have selected 38 types of new business material that could be used in small businesses.

What Is A Small Business?

Nowadays, various work styles are recommended by work style reform, and “small business” is attracting attention.

Translated literally, it would be a “small business,” but what kind of business does a small business mean?

Introducing the definition and outline of small business.

1. Definition of Small Business

Small business is a term that refers to all businesses that can be started on a small scale and with a small amount of money. In fact, there is no concrete definition.

Therefore, it is often said that everything is comprehensive, and there is a tendency to include “freelance” and “nomad worker” in small businesses.

When deciding what kind of business actually falls under the category of “small business,” you should pay attention to “the range in which individual discretion is effective” and “the number of employees .”

First of all, small businesses are considered to be those in which individual choice, ability, time, etc. are greatly related to rewards. The feature is that there is little operational risk and leverage, and it is difficult to suddenly make a big profit or make a big loss.

However, please note that if you have 5 or more employees, you will not be in the “small” category.

In addition, most small businesses are based on existing markets. There is a big difference between “ventures” and “startups” that open up completely new markets.

2. Three Benefits of Small Business

Small business can be said to be a useful business form not only for those who start a new business but also for those who are thinking about side businesses. There are many benefits, but the main ones are:

  • You can get started without making an initial investment
  • Feel rewarding
  • You can work anytime and anywhere

The first advantage is that you don’t need to pay for starting a business. Some businesses require reserves, but it’s not impossible to start with zero funding.

However, if you want to be successful as a business and earn a stable income, you will need to invest somewhere.

Also, being able to do what you like as a job is an attraction unique to small businesses. You can find out what you are interested in, so even work does not bother you.

Since the amount of work is reflected in the income as it is, it is possible to work while feeling rewarded.

In addition, since you develop your own business, you can easily take advantage of the flexibility of time and place.

For example, if you have a business that you can do with just a PC, the place you like at home or outdoors is your workplace. Even if you have the main business, you will be able to use the gap time easily and work efficiently.

3. Two Disadvantages of Small Business

  • Income tends to be unstable
  • Low social credibility

The disadvantage is that there is no income guarantee. Small business is attractive because you can work at your own discretion.

However, this means that if you turn it over, you will not have any income if you cannot get a job. In many cases, it takes time to earn income from starting a business, and it is difficult to always make stable profits.

In addition, small businesses are considered to have lower social credibility than general companies. Even if you develop your business, you may not be well-known and you may have a hard time accumulating achievements.

This low social credibility is disadvantageous when receiving a loan at a bank or the like. Those who want to quickly increase their social credibility may want to consider incorporation.

Key Points for Choosing A Small Business

Even if you think “let’s start a small business”, it doesn’t make sense if it doesn’t last long. What kind of perspective should you choose when starting a small business?

Here are some points to check when choosing a small business.

1. Rewarding

When choosing a small business, look for something that makes you feel rewarded, such as “what you’ve always wanted to do” or “things that respond directly to people’s reactions .”

As mentioned earlier, it takes a relatively long time for a small business to stabilize. At this time, if you are doing a job that is not worthwhile, you will not be motivated.

As soon as you hit a wall, you will think “I don’t like it anymore” or “I want to quit”, and it will be difficult to continue the business until it makes a profit.

2. What You Can Use Your Experience

When starting a small business, many people try to get their hands on “what’s popular at the time” and “what’s popular.”

At one point it may make a lot of money, but as more people enter, the situation quickly gets tougher.

If the trend changes, the demand will disappear, and it is safer to avoid starting a business because of the atmosphere.

When choosing a small business, think long-term and find areas where you have an advantage.

Experience is a powerful weapon in any business. It’s a lot better than starting from scratch, and it’s easier to see ahead.

What are The Tips for A Successful Small Business?

Small businesses can be expected to generate a stable income if you work hard. However, there are many people who are frustrated because they cannot expect any income.

What points do you need to pay attention to in order to stabilize and succeed your business in the long term?

Here are some points to keep in mind before starting a small business.

1. Grasp The Needs of The Market

The first important point is, “Does the business have market needs?”

“Because I like it” and “because I’m interested” are very important factors in starting a small business.

However, this is a case of doing small things as a side business. If you want to establish it as a business, the story is different. When you find a business you want to work on, first conduct market research to find out your needs.

At this time, the following points should be checked carefully.

  • Market size
  • Presence / absence / scale of competition
  • Own superiority
  • risk

If you find out that “it’s bad” or “it’s risky” after investigating, it’s better to reconsider. You may regret it later if you leave the car at the end of the day, so find a business that you can be confident that you can do this.

2. Differentiate from Competitors

Now that more and more people are starting small businesses, there should be companies in every industry that offer similar services.

Differentiation is important for survival as a business. Providing similar products and services cannot beat large companies and chain stores.

The advantage of a small business is that it is easy to make small turns according to customers and needs. It is important to fight on a different level from large companies, such as providing meticulous responses and services.

3. Create An Appropriate Mechanism for Attracting Customers

When starting a small business, the first barrier is customer acquisition. You can’t spend huge advertising expenses like a major company, so you have to steadily promote your business by yourself.

There are ways to attract customers in a small business, such as referrals and word-of-mouth, but the recommendation is to use the Internet.

Create blogs, SNS, and homepages, and build media that can attract customers.

If you make connections on SNS or create rich blogs and homepages, interested customers will naturally gather.

You can expect new customers to attract other customers, and you can expect a sufficient advertising effect without spending advertising expenses.

If an ideal customer community can be formed in this way, business operations will be stable. Take advantage of all the tools you need, including Instagram and Twitter.

38 Small Business Ideas

Small business needs are lurking everywhere in our daily lives. If you can dig up niche demand, you will be able to earn a stable income.

However, it is surprisingly difficult to think of ideas from scratch. Therefore, from here, we will introduce 38 types of new business material that can be used for specific small businesses by genre.

If you have an idea that interests you, why not consider it in your own way?

Genres where you can make use of your hobbies and special skills

If you have a hobby or someone who has better skills than others, make use of it in your business. You can earn income while doing what you like, so you can work while having fun with less stress.

1. Sale of Handmade Products

In recent years, there are many flea market sites and handmade goods trading sites, making it an easy market for beginners to enter.

Not only accessories and clothes, but also smartphone cases and masks, there are various needs if you look for them.

2. English Teacher

If you are good at English, provide your skills as an instructor. You can work from home because you can do it on your PC or smartphone.

Clarifying the target, such as for adults and children, makes it easier to differentiate from competitors.

3. Photographer

Take advantage of your photography skills and do business with the photos you take. Register on a crowdsourcing site to get a job, or gather customers yourself to broaden your business base.

Also, in recent years, there is also a commercial law that posts photos on material sites and asks them to buy them. Those who feel a lack of skills may want to spend more on equipment.

4. Illustrator

It’s the perfect business for people who like to draw illustrations. If you have drawing software and a PC or tablet, you can easily get started.

In addition to aiming for matching on crowdsourcing sites, it is also recommended to make and sell LINE stamps if you have the skills.

5. Makeup Artist

It is a business that teaches makeup tips and actually applies makeup to customers.

It is highly needed by women and is useful at weddings and parties. Many of our customers are relatively young, so how to use SNS well will be the key to management.

6. Personal Trainer

Knowledge of training and nutrition is essential. Working experience in a gym or fitness club can be quite beneficial.

Diet and health are always in demand, so once your business is on track, you can earn a stable income.

7. Organizing and Storage Advisor

We provide tidying up skills as a tidying professional. It can be said that needs are high these days when “living without having” is touted.

In addition, an increasing number of people are “organizing their lives” to reflect the aging of society. Needs from older households may also be expected.

8. Personal Coordinator

It is a job for people who are confident in their fashion sense. Even if it opens suddenly, it is difficult to get customers, so it is recommended that you first show off your coordination on a blog, etc. to acquire fans.

If you become a popular influencer, you can expect a considerable amount of income.

9. Installer

Recommended for those who are good at installing home appliances and assembling furniture.

In recent years, more and more people are buying furniture and home appliances online. However, on the other hand, there are many people who “cannot install” or “cannot assemble” furniture and home appliances purchased cheaply.

The installer is the job of assembling and installing home appliances and furniture for such people. The area is limited, but you can easily get started without any initial investment.

10. Furniture Remodeling

If you have DIY skills, you can make furniture remodeling a business. If we can make ready-made furniture and use furniture in the size and color that customers want, we can expect stable needs.

It is also recommended to remodel and sell used furniture that you purchased yourself.

Food Trucks and Food Stalls

If you have a cooking license, you may consider the food and beverage industry.

In recent years, entrepreneurship in food trucks has been booming. A food business license is required, but it is said that it is easy to start even if you are inexperienced. Take a look at small business ideas for food trucks and food stalls.

11. Takoyaki Shop

The so-called “flour” is attractive because it has a high gross margin. It doesn’t require any cooking skills, so even beginners can easily get started. It is also a nice point to be liked by children and the elderly.

12. Curry Shop

Curry, which is completed with just curry and rice, is an easy-to-sell menu. It is easy to differentiate from authentic Indian curry, Japanese curry, and veggie curry.

13. Hot Dog Shop

It is well known as a menu, and it is attractive that it is hard to fail even if you have low cooking skills. It’s easy to eat, so you can expect sales at outdoor events and festivals.

14. Cafe

If you like coffee, we also recommend selling authentic drip coffee.

If you improve the appearance of the kitchen car, the needs of female customers aiming for Instagram will increase. Let’s bring “fashion” to the front and aim to spread it on SNS etc.

15. Pizza Shop

Pizza is also well known and popular. It’s easy to eat, so you can sell it anywhere.

In addition, the cost price of pizza is as low as 10 to 20% of the selling price. There is little fluctuation in material costs depending on the season, and hopefully, a stable income can be expected.

16. Kebab Shop

Kebab is Turkish fast food. It is still unfamiliar in Japan, and many people will be attracted to its rarity.

Although it is not well known, it is a menu that has room for growth in the future. However, certain cooking utensils such as kebab grills are required to make kebabs.

17. Ethnic Restaurant

The point here is that you can aim to attract customers with “rareness” . Thai and Vietnamese food has decent name recognition, and many people will want to try it.

If you value “differentiation”, it is also recommended to look for menus of minor countries.

18. Ice Cream Shop

Summer is definitely a popular menu. If you stick to the raw materials and improve the appearance, you can attract the interest of customers.

However, it is difficult in winter, so it is recommended to use it together with other menus.

19. Bakery

Bread is also an area of ​​constant need. There are various types from confectionery to meals, so you don’t have to worry about menu variations.

Also, instead of arranging the numbers, you may try to specialize in one type such as “melon bread” and “sandwich”.

20. Yakitori Restaurant

Yakitori, which is loved by men and women of all ages, is a familiar menu at food stalls. It’s a big draw at events, but you need to be careful because there are many competing stores.

Differentiation such as “sticking to ingredients” and “sticking to how to bake” will be important points.

Agency Business / Rental

Agency business and rental are also industries with niche needs. Many can be started without the need for reserve funds, and many are completed individually.

Even if you don’t have the skills to sell, you can easily get started.

21. Housekeeping

It is a job to undertake the housework of a busy family. It’s perfect for people with housewife skills, so it’s a small business recommended for housewives’ side jobs.

In recent years, the number of single elderly households has increased, and we can expect some needs.

22. Anything Shop

It is a so-called “handyman”. You can work wherever your customer needs, such as a shopping agency or weeding. It can be said that this is also a job that is in high demand from elderly households.

23. Acting secretary

It is a job to act as a secretary at a company drinking party.

Surprisingly, many people find it burdensome to set up a drinking party and to liven up the venue. It’s a niche market, but there seem to be stable needs.

In addition to drinking parties, there are various targets such as girls-only gatherings and tea parties.

24. Car Wash Agency

Many owners find it troublesome to wash a car. Although it is a niche market, customer needs will be high.

25. Petsitter

My job is to take care of my pet and take a walk. If you like animals, you can enjoy working on them.

It seems that there are many people who do not only pet agencies but also housework agencies.

26. Acting Guarantor

We will act as a guarantor when renting a house. There are always certain needs here as well, so even beginners can easily get started.

However, a guarantor agency is high risk compared to other agency businesses. When you start as a business, you have to carefully consider the terms and conditions.

27. Acting Friends

It is a service that takes the place of friends when there are no friends at the wedding ceremony. All you need is a human, so you don’t have to have all the equipment and items.

However, it is difficult to acquire stable customers, so it is necessary to promote efficiency.

28. Rental Space

If you have extra land, you can rent it out to earn income. Even if you have a small amount of land, it is sufficient for needs such as “storing winter tires” and “keeping unused furniture”.

However, if the location is too remote, it may be difficult to acquire customers.

29. Branded Goods Rental

We rent out popular items such as high-brand bags and clothing.

Customers are women who want to dress up for marriage or being called, and people who are longing for brand-name products but cannot reach them. Suitable for people who are familiar with trends and high brands and have good taste.

30. Seasonal Leisure Goods Rental

Earn income by renting out camping goods and ski goods.

Camping and skiing are popular events in the summer and winter, but it costs money to get the goods.

In addition, there are many people who want to rent it because it is difficult to store it.

If you have a few well-known manufacturer’s products, you will not be in trouble with the borrower.

31. Occasion Item Rental

Customers are those who need formal attire, such as ceremonial occasions. Mourning clothes and dresses don’t come into play on a daily basis, but they are items that are in trouble if you don’t need them when you need them.

If you have children’s sizes that change easily, it will come in handy.

Home Business

If you can do business at home, you don’t need to pay rent or equipment. If you have a PC, you will be able to work on various genres of work.

32. Affiliate

A business that creates blogs and promotes products. If the person who visits the blog actually purchases the product, they will be rewarded.

Since it can be done with one PC, the initial investment cost is zero. However, in order to earn a reasonable income, it is necessary to make efforts such as enriching the content of the blog and increasing the number of visitors.

33. YouTuber

“YouTuber” is also a profession that children want to be. Post videos on YouTube and get paid.

However, the number of entrants has increased in recent years, and it seems that it is quite difficult to earn income. Without content that attracts your audience, earning money can be tough.

34. IT Consultant

Suitable for people with experience as a system engineer or SIer. It solves various IT cases that are problems for a company to develop its business.

The needs of skilled people are very high, and you can earn a stable income while staying at home.

35. Online Secretary

It is a job to undertake the back office work of a company. We support email checking, phone reception, document creation, etc.

It is difficult to start from inexperienced, so it is recommended for those who have experience in office work or secretarial work at a company.

36. Web Designer

I am in charge of designing the website requested by the client. You need skills to configure, layout, and code your website.

Since it is completed only with a PC, you can work anywhere and anytime.

37. Application Development

The job of developing smartphone apps that everyone has now. If you can grasp the needs of people well, you can expect a considerable income.

38. Domain Buying and Selling

Buy and sell your own domain.

Second-hand domains are good for SEO, and it’s not uncommon to buy them at a high price. There are domain auctions, so let’s use this.

Successful Cases of Small Business Overseas and Domestic

Some companies are “small businesses” at the start, but later succeed and make a name for themselves. Let’s take a look at a small business success story.

1. Small Business Overseas Success Stories: Our Story Bridal

It is a used wedding dress consignment store in New York, USA. Collect dresses from people who want to sell wedding dresses and sell them at a bargain price. If it sells, you will get 35% as a commission.

Despite the niche market of wedding dresses, the business is a huge success. It successfully connects people who don’t want to spend money on dresses and those who have been left behind.

2. Successful example in small business in Japan: Co., Ltd.

It is a company that operates “”, which is popular because it can compare distribution prices and word-of-mouth of electrical products.

Originally, is a site launched by a salaried worker working at a manufacturer as a side business. It seems that he thought it would be convenient if he could check the prices of PC parts at each store all at once.

Now that the number of users has increased significantly, the stores that have felt the benefits are registering the prices.


There are various businesses depending on the idea, even if it is called a small business.

You don’t know where your needs are, so do some market research to find what you think “this is!”.

However, the easy opening is a source of regret.

When starting a small business, make sure to check the market needs and profitability, and make a detailed plan before working on it.

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