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5 Small Business Philosophies That The Rich Don’t Easily Tell The Poor

Before you know it, you have reached the age of 30. Are you still rich? Have your once ambitious dreams come true or are they far from you? Are you feeling stressed or more powerless in the face of life now?

There is a friend by his side who has just graduated from college at the age of 23. He hopes that he can save 50000$ as a venture fund when he is 30 years old. He used to work in an Internet company with a monthly salary of 1500$, and the salary increase was almost 10% every year, so he also achieved financial independence and felt that there would be no problem with saving 50000$ in the next seven years.

But what he didn’t expect was that after he set this goal, he didn’t think much about it, enjoying the needs of young people, including falling in love, in order to make his girlfriend happy, he used credit cards, loans, and basically, They have to travel every three to five months. At the age of 27, they also talked about a relationship for two or three years. Although the gifts received and the money spent on the wedding was the same, after marriage, they found that their colleagues around I bought a good car, and I felt that it was necessary to buy a good car, so I took a fancy to a Mercedes-Benz, the down payment was more than ten thousand Dollar, and the monthly payment was several thousand Dollar, but in order to let the goddamn vanity, He bought the car as soon as he gritted his teeth. After buying the car, he found that there was not much money left. At the age of 29, their baby was born, and the annual expenditure increased by 6300$. The parents were sick and in poor health, and the annual expenditure would also be has increased. In the end, when I was 30 years old, I saw that my savings fund was far from the original goal, and there was less than 8000$ on my bank card. This is a true story. Then we can imagine that it will lead us to poverty. What’s the reason?

The first point is the lack of planning in life. Maybe you have a goal, but this goal is far away from your current life and work. If you face some unexpected things and you don’t have a specific plan, it will make you feel very powerless later.

The second point is that you always feel that you have a lot of time and a lot of dreams. But when you are 30 years old, you will find that your money and resources are not enough to support your dreams.

So many times, with some unplanned expenditures, buy what you like. The easiest way is to buy when you are not happy, but when you are happy and put your own desires on shopping. If you have been living such a wayward lifestyle, you may be at the moment. Makes you easy, but kills many of your chances of accumulating wealth.

Therefore, when we understand these factors, we should reflect on ourselves, whether we are currently affected by these factors. Wealth is the result of the superposition of multiple factors, and sometimes a certain amount of luck is required, so what kind of way of thinking can bring us closer to wealth? I will share it with you next.

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Attract What You Pay Attention To

The things you focus on are often the things that are most likely to appear in your life, and it is your awareness and thoughts that will draw your attention to the things you want to do. Everyone has a similar experience in life. For example, the things you pay attention to and like will help you more easily meet people with similar hobbies. When you pay attention to some things, if you are by your side, then you will be better than others. sharper. So, the same goes for being rich, if we are willing to actively focus on and pursue wealth, the more likely we

Focus on Money Concept

What kind of people does money like? Then according to our logical thinking, that money naturally likes those who pay attention to and like him, so who doesn’t want more money? But sometimes our subconscious may not let us feel this way, like if we love our parents very much, but we love them, but it is easy to get angry with them.

Although you say that you like and desire wealth, when the opportunity comes, the person who may close the door is yourself. For example, most people use credit cards and Huabei now. credit card bill. Many people think that it’s okay, young people just spend it without saving money. I spend money to make myself happier. Most of these thoughts are some prejudice or resistance to money or even some casual attitude. If we have this attitude, then maybe when wealth comes, you will somehow kick it away.

Money is A Means Not An End

Thoreau once said that a man’s wealth is proportional to the number of things he can ignore.

If we are short of money, the easier it is to care about money itself and ignore other things. It seems that maybe your business is doing well, but there are some other investment projects to tempt you, but many times we will give up some investment projects. Opportunity, because it feels like there is a risk.

Therefore, when we pursue wealth, we must see the things behind wealth. Money is a resource, and resources can only bring us longer-term value in the flow and exchange. Therefore, we need to train some views on money.

Focus on Long-Term Returns

Some rich people are more inclined to make some difficult choices when faced with different choices. Because these choices will allow them to enjoy longer-term benefits, the more people who focus on long-term returns, the more they can get more benefits. Buffett is a typical representative of them.

But many of us are not good at choosing long-term rewards, because when we face some of the benefits of the moment, the brain will give us the most rigorous feedback, and it will produce the corresponding hormones to make us feel the craving. This is what we often talk about. The mentality of arriving in time, because the future is too far away from us, we have an uncertain mentality about the future, but the present reward and wealth are obtained in time, so we will choose the current preservation method.

So when we choose, we have to choose between immediate benefits and future benefits, which also requires a lot of effort, because you have to train yourself deliberately, to make more rational choices, you have to face temptation, Face the choice and avoid impulse.

Think About Goals First, Then Look For Resources

The characteristic of the rich is the courage to reverse the goal. Suppose you already have more resources, and then what goal do you want to achieve? Start from the goal and work hard to gather these resources, which is the reverse thinking we often talk about.

But this is the way many people think now. For example, I want to change this job and stop doing this business, but many people will hinder this decision because they have no money, so many of us have not completed it. The goal is to be excluded by ourselves in the first place.

If you can have reverse thinking, you will not focus on the goal but will focus on the specific action plan, so that you will not be easily blocked, and you will not be easy to complain.

In fact, not all rich people must have the rich mentality. It may be because they are lucky, and the poor may not have the rich mentality. You may see the poor become rich and the rich become poor, but These rich people’s thinking is working slowly, I hope it will get better and better!

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