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6 Interior Tips From Interior Designers Never Telling You Before Depositing

Interior designers become experts through long training courses and various experiences. It will be difficult to easily share it with others because it is the specialized knowledge and skills in interior design that has been hard gained through this series of processes. In today’s idea book, I would like to introduce six interior tips that interior designers only wanted to know.

1. Make Use of Vertical Space-Build a Bedroom Above The Walk-in Closet!

ristrutturami minimalist living room
An idea that can often be found in recent interior projects is a bedroom set in a high space. If you break away from the stereotype that the bed should not always be high on the floor, you will encounter unexpected results! If you raise the bed and use the space below for storage, the utilization of the space will be doubled. In the case of the small one-room in the photo, it is an example of actively utilizing the vertical space by placing a bed on the walk-in closet.

2. Approach Dead Space in A Groundbreaking Way!

Andrea Stortoni Architetto modern living room

The space under the stairs, which has a unique shape, will not be difficult once or twice as to how to use it. Let’s take a closer look at the staircase in the living room in the photo. The TV shelf installed under the stairs goes beyond simple shelves and becomes a part of the stairs, creating a unique interior effect. It is an idea that escapes from the stereotype that stairs should be connected, and feels like the practitioner of a professional who creates a unique interior effect while efficiently using dead space!
Modularis Progettazione e Arredo modern living room
For apartments that are long and narrow in width, it is better to use short furniture. If you place furniture with long legs in a small apartment, you can make the ceiling look very low and make the small space look more cramped. In a small space like the beautiful one-room in the photo, the fact that using furniture with a short, clean and slim design can make the space more open! Also, don’t forget to unify the walls and ceiling in white color for a bright and bright space.

4. Don’t Leave Gaps Between The Kitchen Ceiling and Cabinets!

Studio DiDeA architetti associati minimalist kitchen

Let’s take a look at the groundbreaking kitchen idea proposed by the Italian architectural studio Studio Didea. The kitchen in the photo secures ample storage space by arranging the upper cabinets in two rows, unlike the existing kitchen. In addition, the cabinet facing the ceiling is unified in white color to make it as neat as possible as if it is part of the wall. The wooden cabinet is good for storing frequently used kettles or tableware, and the top cabinet is suitable for storing various kitchen appliances such as high pots and mixers.

5. Using The Closet As A Partition to Separate The Space

Lemayr Thomas minimalist bedroom
In the case of a small apartment, if many inner walls are installed to separate the space, the space may look more stuffy and the light may not pass well, and the space may become dark. In this case, let’s study how to divide the space using furniture. The beautiful bedroom in the photo was created by separating the space with a wardrobe to create a small but open space filled with light. Why don’t you put a breakthrough idea that you don’t want to miss in your own idea book right now?

6. Use A Glass Partition If You Want to Give A Space Boundary!

Anomia Studio industrial living room
The glass partition is an idea that can be usefully applied in a one-room or apartment with an LDK-type living room where a kitchen, living room, and dining room are combined. If the space is divided into a narrow space with a transparent glass partition, the space can be separated at the same time without interfering with the flow of light inside. The cozy LDK-type living room in the photo is also made of a bright living space where light flows smoothly by finishing part of the kitchen wall with glass.

6 ideas of the day that interior designers don’t easily tell you, why don’t you put them in your own idea book before forgetting? Also, if you need more ideas, don’t miss the following article!

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