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Almost all houses are equipped with baseboards or skirting boards. Some people often call them moldings or even baseboards. They are called “broom boards” because they allow homeowners to mop the floor without soaking the plasterboard on the wall. 

Today, baseboards are available in different materials – wood, PVC, or MDF. In most houses, they are found along the base of the interior wall. When installing baseboards, a professional can screw, nail or glue them to the walls. Most are 5 to 15 cm high and are available in painted or stained variants, as well as with sculptures or straight flats. The most common choices you can find in your local baseboard store are solid oak or walnut baseboards, veneered or laminated MDF. 

In addition to being a vital element in any home, baseboards also have a variety of functions. As with any other aspect of your home, there comes a time when your baseboards need to be repaired or replaced.

Purpose of Baseboards

Baseboards are an essential part of the general floor finish in any home and have their share of functions that you need to know about.

Hide any wires that are not properly secured. For most homeowners, electrical wiring can be an unsightly sight. A practical solution is to hide wiring in baseboards. There are several varieties of PVC baseboards that are suitable for this purpose. 

Cover any gaps or voids. It can be quite problematic, even for qualified professionals, to keep the floor properly aligned with the walls. It is inevitable to end up with a large gap after the flooring has been installed. To remedy this problem, most contractors opt for baseboards to fill in the voids instead of redoing all the installation work.

Avoid damaging the walls. Baseboards act as a barrier between the walls and the furniture in your home. Baseboards prevent furniture from moving very close to the walls, which can cause undesirable stains on paint or wallpaper.

Decorative factor. Because baseboards conceal cracks between walls and the floor, they give your home a complete and professional look. Some baseboards have decorative moldings that add aesthetic appeal. You can even paint them to harmonize with the overall theme of your space or as a contrasting element.

Steps in Baseboard Repair

As mentioned earlier, baseboards eventually wear out over time. Baseboards are standard interior design features that can add both elegance and functionality to a room. The latest baseboards usually have simpler contours than the older ones, but they all require the same steps when a repair is needed. 

When the baseboards in your home show cracks, crevices, or signs of rot, it’s time to replace the entire section instead of covering the destruction with putty and paint. 

When it’s time to repair your baseboards, you can do it if you have the right tools. We invite you to consult the baseboard repair steps here :

Preparing The Tools

First check to see if you have the necessary tools and equipment – chisel, handsaw, claw hammer, lever, tape measure, pencil, wood screws, combination square, nail fasteners, filler knife, flexible filler, and power drills with different sized bits. Don’t forget that you need a new baseboard and paint or stain for the finish.

Remove The Old Baseboard

Once you have the right tools and materials, it’s time to start repairing. Start by removing the old baseboard from the wall. Gently tap the chisel behind the baseboard from the top and remove it with the claw hammer. It is best to work from one end of the baseboard to the other by inserting a wood chisel to loosen the nails.

Remove The Old Baseboard

At this point, the old baseboard must be loose enough to be able to insert the lever behind and drive the nails out. Make every effort to remove as many nails as possible and carefully remove the baseboard from the wall.

Installation and Finishing

Position the new baseboard on the wall and secure it with countersunk screws. Be careful not to drill the mounting holes near knots in the wood. Once the baseboard is properly positioned, use a flexible sealant to cover the countersunk holes and any small cracks between the joints or along the top edge and the wall. As soon as the putty is dry, use a primer with several coats of paint for finishing. 

Repairing old baseboards is a simple task that you can do at home, provided you have the proper tools. If part of your baseboard has a tear or an area of rot, it may be time to repair it. The steps to follow to repair a baseboard allow you to easily tackle this problem and keep the interior of your home in perfect condition.

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