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How To Make Effective Use of Email

As the environment changes dramatically, such as in the corona disaster, it is very difficult to respond to those changes. But what if the techniques and tools you’ve used can make a big difference? Why is email, a familiar tool, effective now, and how to make good use of it …

How to effectively use email in the sales activities of Corona

[Current situation at the sales site of Corona Sorrow]

Corona has changed the way companies do business. With the focus on remote sales activities, online sales activities such as online meetings such as ZOOM, email sales, SNS, and video marketing are becoming more important. It is expected that these sales styles will continue in the long-term corona sickness and after-corona, and how to respond to remote sales styles is the most important issue in advancing the business. .. First, let’s take a look at some of the problems that Corona’s sales floor has.

<Reduction of opportunities for contact with customers>
・ Cannot face-to-face business negotiations with customers due to face-to-face business negotiations or working from home
・ Exhibitions and real seminars are canceled and new leads (prospects) cannot be acquired
・ To the customer’s company

The biggest problem is that the chances of contact with customers have decreased significantly, such as being absent due to working from home even if you call, or even if you send a mail DM or fax DM, you cannot see it because you have not come to the office. In addition, the survey results shown in the figure below show that the more companies whose business performance has deteriorated due to the corona disaster, the less they are in contact with their customers.

Retaining customer relationships by compensating for reduced customer contact opportunities and increasing online communication has become an important issue.

[Let’s make more use of email in sales activities! ]

As a style of remote sales of Corona, I think that there are many companies that have started new initiatives using online tools and are responding through trial and error. On the other hand, the sales tool that I have been using for a long time is email. Isn’t the sales style that makes more use of email a relatively low hurdle?

I’ve listed above the situations where you can send an email to a customer. How about? Aren’t there a lot of things you can’t do, even though you know it’s better to do it? It may take “a lot of work” in terms of sales man-hours, but we can see that there are many opportunities to contact customers using email.

I think there are three effects of email sales on Corona.

( 1) Means that do not break the relationship with the
customer-Maintaining customer contact points
-Zion’s effect (Psychological theory that the more contacts you make, the better the impression you get)

If you are the customer, communication is estranged due to corona. Which is more impressive, the sales of a business partner who has become a customer, or the sales of a salesperson who does not have direct business negotiations but sends useful information on a regular basis? Even if it is a one-sided delivery from here, it is important to make customers aware of your company and yourself on a regular basis. That alone has the effect of sending an email.

(2) Synergistic effect with
real sales You can enhance the effect of real sales by following up on real business negotiations and telephone calls by e-mail. You can remind yourself of important matters, and you can have the impression that it is a polite business. It is also effective from the viewpoint of Zion’s effect mentioned above. Conversely, suppose you want to send an email first, for example, by telesales (telephone sales). By sending an email in advance and then telesales, you can start a conversation in the form of a question, “Did you read the email you sent the other day?”, Which will reduce the risk of being suddenly refused at the beginning. If you haven’t read the email, you can encourage reminders to read it.

A lot of information can be conveyed by e-mail, and a high effect can be obtained.
By communicating a lot of information by e-mail, the following effects can be expected.

・ A lot of information can be transmitted such as URLs to the company’s homepage and attachments of materials and videos.
・ Customers can see the attached materials and lead to the next action such as clicking the URL
. How about taking action logs of customers such as those who clicked the URL in the text

? I mentioned the merits of e-mail again, but would you like to strengthen your e-mail sales in Corona from tomorrow?

[Use the mail delivery system]

In the previous section, we introduced that customer action logs can be obtained by utilizing the mail delivery system. If you search for a “mail delivery system” on the Internet, many mail delivery systems will appear in the search results. There are differences in various functions depending on the paid / free one and the product, but here we will introduce two types of functions.

<You can get the open log and click log> You can get
the log of whether the recipient who delivered the email opened it, and the log of clicking the URL such as the home page described in the body of the email.
Depending on the email delivery system you use, you can get information about who opened the email and who clicked it, so after sending an email, you can telesales to “customers who responded” or send a second email. By taking the following sales actions, you can improve the accuracy of sales results.

<Step mail>
Step mail is prepared in advance for the person who took the action, starting from some action of the mail viewer that was decided in advance, such as downloading the material or clicking the URL. It is a mechanism to automatically deliver multiple emails in a sequence. By distributing more detailed information in stages, we can expect the effect of gradually cultivating the degree of interest and purchasing motivation of customers.

[Sales that utilize the customer’s purchasing behavior model]

“AIDMA” is a typical model of the psychological process that shows how consumers decide to purchase goods and services. It is an acronym for Attention → Interest → Desire → Memory → Action and is used as a purchasing behavior model.
You can apply email-based sales activities to AIDMA, such as click log acquisition and step email, which are functions of the email delivery system.

<Sales process using email applied to AIDMA> (
1) Company: Deliver content that encourages customer interest by
email (2) Customer: Recognize products and services by email (recognition), and if there is interest/interest, write it in the body of the email Click the URL of a certain website
③ Company: Get the click log of the
customer ④ Customer: The desire to collect more detailed information by looking at the information on the website etc. increases
⑤ Company: Further related by step mail etc. Providing information
⑥ Customer: Clearly memorize products and services by accumulating information
⑦ Company: Selling to the delivery destination of click log information and step mail by telephone or individual mail
⑧ Customer: Since there are sales at the stage when the purchase desire increases and I remember it, it is easy to lead to concrete actions

As shown in the figure, individual sales are made to customers who want to know more information or have a strong desire to purchase, so it is easy to lead to results such as quotations and orders.
On the contrary, what about conventional telesales? Telesales sells products and services by making phone calls based on a random list of customers. In other words, since sales are suddenly made at the stage of “recognition” of the customer, the probability of being refused increases.
In AIDMA’s purchasing process, it is easier to achieve results by fostering customers from “target” → “lead generation” → “prospect” and making timely sales according to the customer’s condition. ..


The use of online tools such as e-mail is indispensable for the sales activities of Corona. In addition, depending on how you use it, it will be possible to carry out sales with high accuracy which will lead to results efficiently. Introduced in this article, “By sending an email in advance and then telesales, you can reduce the risk of being refused at the beginning” and “By utilizing the click log information and step mail of the delivered email, you will be motivated to purchase. Techniques such as “selling to high-end customers” are specific ways to use them. In the sales activities of Coronavirus, various online utilizations are progressing, but the easiest way to tackle it is probably the utilization of emails that many people have been using since before Corona. We would appreciate it if you could use it as a reference for sales activities using email.

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