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What Is A Small Business That Even Young People Can Start A Business?

Have you ever heard of the term small business? It refers to a small-scale business, but if you translate it literally, it is a small-scale business. I think some people think that this is no different from a venture. However, there is a big difference between small business owners and entrepreneurs. This time, I would like to explain the differences between small business owners and entrepreneurs by organizing the characteristics of each.

What is A Small Business in The First Place?

A small business literally means a small business. It is characterized by creating employment, creating new ways to run existing businesses, and helping the community get money. Without a small business, we would be in great financial turmoil.

As an example of a small business, you can create your own site, introduce the company’s products, post videos with advertisements on video posting sites such as YouTube, affiliates who get advertising fees and margins, and advertising fees when the videos are viewed. There are YouTubers and so on. Certainly, working styles like them have become commonplace these days, and they are becoming so pervasive in society that the future dreams of young children become Youtubers.

The background to the spread of small businesses is the emergence of work styles such as freelancers and nomad workers due to work style reforms, and the change in people’s consciousness that they want to start a business but do not have money like large companies. I have.

Isn’t The Person Who Started The Small Business an Entrepreneur?

If you listen to the story so far, you may be wondering if you are an entrepreneur if you are starting a new small business. Certainly, there is something in common when starting a new business, but the big difference is that the ideas and social impacts are different. Let’s take a quick look at the characteristics of small business owners and entrepreneurs and understand the difference.

The Idea of A​a Small Business Owner

  • Solving problems in the local community
  • Have a deep understanding of the business and their targets
  • Understand what to do to customers to make them happy
  • Do it for the customer

Entrepreneurial Thought

  • Trying to solve a problem that has never been tried
  • Little is known if a business is feasible, which is exciting
  • If you like to be at risk and make an effort, the social value is more than the risk

Differences in Social Impact Between Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

To summarize up to this point

(1) The amount of wealth generated depends on the business.
Successful entrepreneurs can make huge fortunes, while small businesses replace the salaries of traditional employment. That is the result of leaving a big impact on society.

(2) Whether or not the business target is properly determined
Entrepreneurs have some understanding of whether or not the business is feasible, but in small businesses, the target group is determined in advance because the target is narrowed down to niche areas.

(3) Who is the business for?
It is understandable that both parties have a desire to earn income. However, in small businesses, we tend to think about our customers and find out what makes them happy.

Want to Start A Small Business?

So far, we have confirmed the difference between small businesses and entrepreneurship. From here, I would like to take a look at the tips for success and overseas cases for those who want to do a little small business by themselves.

What Are The Key Points for Success to Learn From Failure?

Looking at the failure example

  • I’ve grown my business from the beginning
  • Not paying attention to customers and needs
  • I spend too much money

Small business is done on a small scale, so if you make your business too big to handle from the beginning, there is no point in small business. Even if you succeed, let’s build-up small businesses that can be handled with your own capacity, instead of thinking like an entrepreneur like “I succeeded this time so I can do the next one”. Also, it often happens that we are not paying attention to our customers and needs. Have you ever wondered, “I wish there was such a function” and “I wonder if they would use it more?” Certainly such an idea is very important. Just think twice. Is it really what the customer wants? It is very important to look back over and over and think about the feelings and needs of our customers. Finally, no matter how small a business you are, if you spend only money without producing results, you will not have any children.

The key points for success from here are

  • Small and steadily without making it big from the beginning
  • Look back on how many times it meets your customers and needs
  • Do the research and create niche parts
  • Change with the times

Overseas Small Business Case

Introducing cutting-edge businesses overseas and small businesses that I found interesting.

App of Joe

The App of Joe, which can be used by installing the app without registration, can be ordered from a contracted coffee shop for $ 1 for tea and drip coffee, and for $ 2 for latte macchiato, cappuccino, etc. Drinking coffee at a local coffee shop costs a couple of dollars, but the business started with the desire to provide cheap and delicious coffee.

Hangover Helpers

The service content is, in a word, a hangover helper. I had a hangover when I woke up in the morning after having a party with my friends at home. This service is convenient when you haven’t cleaned up and are feeling sick. It will bring breakfast and drinks to people with a hangover from cleaning up the room. I researched a university with many students who have a hangover, and when I started a business near it, it seems to have succeeded. It’s a very interesting and well-thought-out business.


We have a share house for adults with work. We are now expanding into big cities like New York City, San Francisco, and Chicago. It is fully equipped with Wifi and a washing machine and costs $ 1650. In addition to providing housing, residents form a community and actively hold parties. At the beginning of the opening of Cumoon, more than 5,000 applications have been collected in one year.

What is a small business that even young people can start a business? summary of

What did you think? Did you understand the small business? It’s still different between entrepreneurs who take risks and pursue big dreams and small business owners who try to solve problems in the local community. If you have a unique idea, why not start a small business by referring to the points in this article?

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