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“Three Principles of Action of Elon Musk” Unknown to The Japanese What is Influenced By The Person Who Influences Bitcoin Ethereum?

Elon Musk, A Genius Since Steve Jobs.

His trivial tweets have caused prices to fluctuate in a number of cryptocurrencies.

On June 4, 2021, he tweeted “#Bitcoin (a broken heart emoji)”, which can be said to have been devoted to Bitcoin. Then, the price of Bitcoin fell by about 200,000 yen in Japanese yen. It caused a lot of confusion among investors and entrepreneurs.

It now has about 57 million Twitter followers, and its assets are estimated to be 19.2 trillion yen in January 2021 due to the soaring shares of Tesla.

What is the motive behind Jeff Bezos, who once became the world’s richest man, surpassing Amazon’s Jeff Bezos?

In this article, we considered the behavioral principles that drive Elon Musk from a perspective that is not well known to the Japanese.

History of Elon Musk

First, let’s look back on the history of Elon Musk.

He was born in South Africa. Born to a businessman’s father and a model’s mother, he spent his time in South Africa before attending college in North America.

At the age of 10, he was fascinated by computers, and at the age of 12, he started selling software as early as possible. At this point, you can see that he feels different from the average person.

After qualifying for college in high school, he traveled to the University of Pretoria in Canada, the University of Queens in Canada, and the University of Pennsylvania in the United States to study physics, engineering, and economics.

When he entered Stanford’s graduate school in 1995, he quit college in two days and started Zip2 with his younger brother. From here, the founding story of Elon Musk’s angry waves begins.

Also, since it will belong to explain all the businesses he was involved in, the main ones are summarized in the chronology below.

(Chronology of
Elon Musk )・ 1995: Zip2 founded
・ 1999: founded (later Paypal)
・ 2002: SpaceX founded
・ 2004: Invested a lot in Tesla
・ 2006: SolarCity founded
・2010: Tesla goes public
・ 2013: Hyperloop concept
・ 2015: Established non-profit organization OpenAI
・ 2020: Tesla’s market value becomes the top in the automobile industry

Evolve Humanity

At the heart of Elon Musk’s business is the endless hope of “preventing and evolving humanity from extinction.”

Interested in “clean energy” and “space” from a young age, he set the purpose of life as “salvation of humankind” and used the expertise he learned at university and a huge amount of money to earnestly relieve humankind. I’m trying to expand my life.

In fact, his founder, SpaceX, is planning to send a manned spacecraft to Mars in 2024 with the goal of bringing humanity to Mars.

From a Japanese perspective, emigration to Mars may seem like a science fiction movie. But Elon Musk wants its success with pure eyes.

◇ Destruction of An Irrational System

In order for humankind to live comfortably, it is important to eliminate troublesome work. Elon Musk fully understands that.

The reason for launching, the predecessor of PayPal, which now has more than 300 million users, is probably because they believed that online banks would eliminate the hassle of day-to-day work and improve human quality of life. .. He is always thinking about what to do for humanity to see.

Also, looking back on the business he did, when starting a business from scratch, it is often the case that a system that suddenly aims for overall optimization is created rather than a simple test type to improve. Seems like.

Of course, it’s more difficult, but one reason that drives Elon Musk is the desire to reduce unnecessary processes and change human life at once.

And he has achieved a business with high corporate value by the hard work of the demon who works almost all the time except sleeping time.

◇ Money Is A Means, Not An End

Elon Musk has repeatedly earned a profit on the sale of a business that would allow him to live his life dozens of times.

However, I have no idea that I will enjoy living with that money. Every time it is sold, it invests all its property in the next business and pushes forward to a new business.

For him, money is only a tool for business, and human progress is more in mind than earning.

When SpaceX’s launch failure and Tesla’s Roadster development required more money than fortune, a friend of mine borrowed a lot of money and was driven to bankruptcy.

Still, to illuminate the future, Elon Musk said: “I’ve never been and will never give up. As long as I’m breathing, I’ll never give up.”

◇ Elon Musk Goes to An Unexplored State

From the Japanese point of view, Elon Musk has a strong image of launching a private rocket and taking Mr. Maezawa to the moon, so it may be difficult to grasp his original experience and motivation.

However, as mentioned in this article, he has a vast goal of “evolving humanity and enabling migration to Mars.”

I spend my time generously for the progress of humankind.

I hope that he will continue to cultivate the “universe” and “Internet” with his overwhelming power of action, and show us the scenery that he has never seen yet.

I would like to learn from his principles of action and one day I will achieve results like him. I think from the bottom of my heart.

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