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Travel Writer is Recommended. 45 Small But Surprisingly Useful “Travel Tips”

Travel Mr. writer Matthew Kepnes’s familiar journey, your help was based on a number of travel experience information, and ” Elite Daily are summarized in”. Full of surprising tips that you won’t notice unless you go on a trip.

Here, we carefully select the travel techniques that can be used from among them, and list 45 more and more!

Table of Contents

Carry An Extra Pair of Socks

Carry An Extra Pair of Socks

When traveling, it’s basic to walk anyway. When I wash my hands instead of using a washing machine, my socks gradually get tired. Therefore, it is recommended to bring extra socks even for one pair. Even if you don’t wear it, there are many uses. You can wrap broken items such as glass bottles in socks and store them.

Always Put A Towel

Towels are a key item for successful hitchhiking along with a signboard with your destination. Of course, picnics, beaches, anytime, anywhere.

The Backpack is As Small As Possible

The more capacity you have, the more gear you will have. But is there anything you need so much in the first place? It seems that there are many people who are too heavy to send back their luggage while traveling.

The Fee-Free Bank Card is “Kihonki”

You can’t afford to be charged a fee every time you withdraw money on a trip where you want to keep your expenses down. Many credit cards can be used without fees. To make good use of your cash flow, do not charge local ATMs.

Even If You Are Unfamiliar, Travel Alone

Even If You Are Unfamiliar, Travel Alone

There is no opportunity to learn as much as a trip in a short period of time. Who and how do you talk to when traveling alone? How can you grow by putting yourself in an unfamiliar environment? It’s all there.

When You Arrive At Your Destination, First Get A “Sightseeing map” From The Information

Exposed tourists? I don’t care about that. If you go to the information center, you can usually find free tourist guide maps everywhere. You can use this!

Window Seats are Better for Long Haul Flights

You can rest by leaning your head against the wall on the window side. In addition, if you book a seat near the front, you’ll line up for immigration faster than others.

Money Belt is on The Contrary

It’s like exposing yourself to the thief where you’re hiding your money. It is strictly forbidden to make an appeal that “I carry a lot of money!”

It’s Fun To Get Lost

It's Fun To Get Lost

Wandering around a new city is a clue to the land. There may be unexpected discoveries.

Minimal Requirement When Going Gut

It may be surprisingly safe in the inn’s bag. Considering the probability of pickpocketing on the go and the probability of being stolen at a hotel … Of course, lock it tightly and think of a hidden place that says “it’s unlikely there”.

Locks are Useful for Traveling!

If you’re staying in a dormitory, don’t you worry if you can lock your belongings?

Carry Some Copies of Your Passport and Important Documents

Don’t forget to email us a copy of the document. You can take an image. That way, if you have access points in multiple locations, you can spread the risk.

This is Only Abroad When Crossing The Road, Check The Safety on The Left and Right!

This is Only Abroad When Crossing The Road, Check The Safety on The Left and Right!

Congestion, especially in emerging countries, is different from what you are used to.

When Staying at A Cheap Hotel, Check The Temperature of The Wall of The Room!

If you’re a backpacker accustomed to traveling, this is a matter of course. When traveling in the summer or traveling to the tropics. When you see the room, immediately touch the wall. If you feel the coldness in your palm, it’s OK. On the contrary, it’s difficult at night …

Prepare For The Phrase
“Thank You” and “How Much?”

By doing so, there is a possibility that interaction with the local people will expand.

Call A Book About The History of Your Destination

If you don’t know anything about the past, you can’t understand the place. To get a deeper understanding of the local culture, make effective use of the literature.

It’s Not A Shame To Enter Starbucks!

It's Not A Shame To Enter Starbucks!

Sometimes friendliness makes you feel good. Making good use of free Wi-Fi and toilets is also a travel tech.

But I want To Avoid it If Possible … A Major Fast Food Chain

Seriously, traveling is meaningless if it tastes the same no matter where you go in the world.

Always Behind Business Travelers on
Airport Security Lines

Because they move faster than travelers.

Do Not Line Up Behind Families

Their procedure will take time. It’s not their fault. However, I have a lot of luggage.

Lunchtime is The Best Time To Visit Famous Archaeological Sites!

Lunchtime is The Best Time To Visit Famous Archaeological Sites!

Because the tour group is leaving, it’s usually quiet around noon.

Do not Eat-in Areas with Tourists

This is my own rule, but when I find a place to eat, I try to walk about 5 blocks from the city center. That way, you won’t have to deal with food that is aimed at tourists with only a good menu, or food with poor cost performance.

Sometimes Simple Cooking in The Room

Let’s go buy groceries. You can learn about the eating habits of the locals by looking at the types of food.

Instead, It’s A Petit Luxury At Lunch

Special lunch is about half price compared tonight. But it’s the same food. Lunch is a great time to eat out.

Bring A Flashlight

Bring A Flashlight

It’s also useful when talking about ghosts.

Use A Minimum First Aid Kit Instead of A Talisman

Accidents happen. So let’s get ready. Bring bandages, antibacterial creams, and ointments for cuts and abrasions.

Tickets are Cheapest 3-4 Months Ago

Don’t be impatient and have a margin. It’s easier and less stressful to book than just searching for fluttering and spending hours comparing them.

Open Your Heart to Strangers

Not everyone is a bad guy. You may be able to make “lifelong friends”.

But The Guard is Solid

It doesn’t mean that there are no bad guys. So always maintain the right level of vigilance. Trust, but don’t forgive everything.

Try An Exotic and Inexperienced Taste!

Try An Exotic and Inexperienced Taste!

Before eating, it’s nogure to ask what it is. Put it in your mouth and decide if you like it.

Free Walking Tours are A Great Alternative To Guides

In addition to being free, it gives you great explanations and history about your city.

The Tourist Card Path Trying to Get

A tourist card is recommended to visit many museums and tourist attractions in a short period of time. You can save money, such as discounts on admission fees.

Take A Picture of Your Luggage and Clothes

This is because if your bag is lost or stolen, you can more easily identify it by taking a picture and shortening the time to get a refund from your travel insurance company.

Needless to Say, Shoes Should Be Comfortable and Fit

Needless to Say, Shoes Should Be Comfortable and Fit

During the trip, I walk a lot anyway. Let’s love them as much as shoes love you.

Get Vaccinated

It depends on the tourist spot, but if you neglect to do this, you cannot deny the possibility of getting a big illness overseas.

“Bargaining” is Also The Real Pleasure of Traveling

Especially in the open air and markets. Always be suspicious of the price or try bargaining. The best way to avoid being charged tourist prices and to get a little extraordinary.

Something That is Convenient to Have is A Jacket

I don’t know when, where, and what kind of encounters I have.

I have To Attack Boldly! Street Food and Soul Food

I have To Attack Boldly! Street Food and Soul Food

Can you say that you learned about the food culture of a country without eating this? If you’re scared, nothing will start.

Still … Get Travel Insurance

It’s better to have nothing. The last is about the cane that does not fall.

Respect For Local Culture

If you go on a trip, you are a Gentile. It is proof that I lack the knowledge as a traveler in my face without knowing the culture and customs of the area.

Don’t Plan Your Trip Too Much

Leaving yourself to the flow is also the real pleasure of traveling. After deciding only a rough schedule, the rest is as the wind blows and you feel like it.

Travel Simple. But Don’t Be Cheap

A luxury trip that costs money is good, but if not, save a small amount of money and walk 10 miles so you don’t miss a great experience. Because “time is money”.

Earplugs Can Be Used!

Earplugs Can Be Used!

Wherever you go, there are people who snore. Don’t leave the tiredness of your trip the next day.

Take An Extra USB Charger

The battery will run out, but with this, your good mood won’t run out.

Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

The only hint I can give for the future is that “sunscreen” is a necessity.

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