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Triangle Business Journal Article on Genzyme – Latest Breakthrough in Cancer Treatment


Istari Oncology, Incorporated, a medical-stage biotechnological company focused on developing novel immunomodulating therapies for the treatment of malignant solid tumors was recently awarded bestowed with the Best Early-Stage Product of the Life Sciences category by the Triangle Business Journal. Dr. S. Andrew Cheng, President and CEO of Istari, stated, “This award recognizes our company’s leadership in the life science technology domain, particularly immunotherapy, which is key to successful patient outcomes”. He went on to state, “IPT is designed to specifically target tumors with a high cellular toxicity and a high metastatic potential”. Dr. Cheng is a consultant to several large pharmaceutical companies, as well as several small biotech companies.

Relationship of Triangle Business Journal with other companies

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The reasons for the honor may seem somewhat strange, but there are a few reasons that tie the Triangle Business Journal’s Best Early-Stage Products award category together with another prestigious group of companies. The first reason is that this is a relatively new pharmaceutical company focusing on solid tumors with a very high metabolic rate. The second reason ties the award category together with another highly respected publication. And, the third reason ties the award category closely with technology and innovation.

Experimental Drugs for the Treatment of Cancer

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Istari Oncology, Incorporated is a molecular imaging company that focuses on developing and patenting novel therapeutic agents and drugs in the cancer domain. They have developed several highly experimental drugs for the treatment and prevention of cancer.

The primary drug, a molecule called “BIRIT”, was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine. BCRIT is one of two compounds in a drug development program that was recently published in the “Open Access Journal.” The other drug, “RAX0”, is undergoing clinical trials.

What Makes these Drugs Stand out?

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These two drugs represent a significant advance in cancer research, and the Triangle Business Journal has recognized both of them as Breakthrough Drugs. But, why do they earn the award? The answer lies in their potential for treating not just cancer, but other serious illnesses that originate from a malfunction of the immune system. In fact, this company is so far ahead of its competitors that many of its competitors are banking on research grants and financial assistance from the government to fund clinical studies to identify its unique capabilities. And, perhaps what makes them stand out is that they are a true example of how an innovative, early-stage company can develop a quality product and generate huge profits along the way.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, these two drugs represent just the beginning. Research by Istarpa shows that its “own brand, VIPERGY (vitamin E, riboflavin, and selenium acetate), is effective in clinical trials in several types of cancer. In addition, it proved effective against melanoma, pancreatic cancer, ovarian cancer, and small cell cancer.”

Manufacturing Process and Quality Tests

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Not only are these two drugs groundbreaking, but they are also exceptionally rare – one in a million. Rare is a word we like to hear regarding drugs that cure cancer, but rare is a good thing. It tells us that the drug is really very powerful and that it is therefore very difficult to manufacture. That is because all drugs have to go through rigorous testing to ensure that they actually work before they are released into the market. Also, as each new drug is made available to the public, companies are required to conduct clinical trials to test its safety, effectiveness, and toxicity. So, when you read articles like these, you realize just how essential those trials are.

Other Triangle Business Journal articles have reported that this company has formed another alliance with Genzyme, one of the most successful and profitable pharmaceutical companies in the world. This alliance will enable the production of an amazing new anti-cancer drug called “Odocolytic”. According to the business publication, this new product may be the next generation of cancer treatment. This new drug was recently approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) after undergoing clinical trials. The latest release states that the studies showed that this new drug is effective in treating all stages of cancer, specifically breast, colorectal, prostate, ovarian, pancreatic, skin, liver, lung, kidney, bladder, and Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancers.

Take Good Care of Yourself

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Although the exact cause of cancer is still unknown, it is apparent that environmental factors, hereditary factors, and lifestyle choices may all play a role. It is important to understand that although environmental causes cannot be controlled or prevented, we can help to reduce our exposure to them. This is by using appropriate anti-carcinogens and reducing our personal contact with chemicals and toxins that have been proven to cause cancer. A healthy diet, regular exercise, quitting smoking and drinking, and avoiding alcohol and other tobacco products should all go hand-in-hand with taking reasonable precautions when dealing with health problems, such as those that involve the physical well-being of your body.

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