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What Are The Advantages Of Timber Cladding?

Siding is widely used to transform the appearance of a building and give it increased weather resistance and better thermal insulation. This technique involves applying a component to the primary structure of a building, which acts as a protective layer.

Wood, which consists mainly of softwood and hardwood, has become a popular cladding material, commonly replacing brick or finishes. But there are many species of siding wood, including western red cedar, oak, and larch, which are suitable for different budgets, requirements, and applications.

When selecting a building material for both renovation and new construction projects, many factors must be considered, including style, thermal performance, and structural integrity. So what are the benefits of wood siding and is it the right material for your property?

Easy To Handle

Wood is a lightweight material, which makes it easier to handle and faster to install than other types of siding. It is also very flexible, as it can be cut and trimmed to fit any size and shape.

However, for best results, the installation process of wood siding should be done by a professional.

Effective Insulation

The thermal insulation of wooden cladding prevents heat from escaping in winter and keeps buildings cool in summer. This feature reduces the need for heating and cooling systems, lowering energy costs and further reducing the property’s carbon footprint.

The material also effectively absorbs sound, preventing noise from spreading inside and outside the building. 


When you engage in any form of construction, you must consider the environmental impact it may have. Some materials such as steel and concrete release carbon emissions into the atmosphere. In comparison, wood absorbs carbon and can be recycled after use or reused as a biofuel.

In addition to choosing the right type of siding, make sure it comes from certified, well-managed forests that are ethically managed to limit the risk of deforestation.

International Timber, the UK’s leading importer and distributor of bespoke and sustainable timber, ensures that all products meet legislative requirements and aims for a complete chain of custody of certified timber


When properly maintained, wood can last up to sixty years. Because of the natural grain of this material, chips and scratches that occur over time are difficult to spot. The material can withstand the elements, including rain and wind. Depending on the species, wood siding can also be naturally resistant to the following elements

insect attacks




You can also improve the durability of the wood through preservative treatments and drying.

Striking Aesthetic

Wood siding can transform the appearance of any building with its timeless style. It integrates perfectly with the exterior environment, creating a warm and charming visual. The variety of wood species offers a choice of natural colors that evolve into unique shades as the wood ages. You can also slow down the aging process with pressure treatments if you wish. Overall, wood is an extremely versatile material that can be used in a wide range of homes. Because of its resilience, durability, flexibility, and pleasant visual effect, this type of cladding has several obvious advantages

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